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If you don't see what you need below, please contact Laine. Looking for a Personal Reading?

Television Consulting

Laine consults with production companies developing shows for national cable television networks. Laine is not new to cable, as she formerly directed the marketing and public relations for the New Media Division of The Weather Channel, and she has also produced and directed segments. 


Here, Laine can help on set to give names and locations of the spirits, and much more. Laine also helps to cleanse the crew and teach everyone how to stay safe, and she makes sure the location is cleansed after the filming. Since Laine is a remote viewer, Laine also consults remotely to identify where the "hot spots" of spirit activity are, and where to get EVP, apparition footage, and where not to go. For more information, contact Laine

Haunted  Household Readings

If you have a problem with a haunting, it is best to download Laine's guide, How to Cleanse Spirit Energy. If you own a historic property and would like to find out more about its history and ghostly guests, Laine's your gal! Laine visits plantations and historic properties nation-wide to help the owners learn more about the spirits they live with, and the history of the property. 


Please contact Laine  for more information and pricing.

Malevolent Entities

If you think you have a malevolent entity in your home, I encourage you to read my book, How to Cleanse Spirit Energy. If you think you have an attachment of a negative spirit, this is not a service I typically offer. Usually this occurs after playing with a Ouija Board. Please contact me rather than scheduling a reading, and I'll see if I can help.


Laine lectures regularly and posts upcoming public lectures on the Appearances page. If you are interested in having Laine lecture to your library, university or organization, please contact Laine for more information on lecture topics, dates, and speaker compensation. 

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