Investigative Medium—the Awakening 

This New York Times bestseller has mystery, murder, suspense, and a passionately romantic love story set in a time that history forgot. This non-fiction story is told by Laine Crosby, corporate executive turned medium, and Jannette, the spirit of the slave she has befriended after moving away from the city-life to the property of an eighteenth-century Maryland plantation, where she finds herself suddenly psychic.

     Laine becomes Jannette's voice, bringing her back from the antebellum South to tell the incredible story of her life as a slave. Jannette shares stories of life on the plantation outside Washington, D.C., and her love affair with her master, William, and the handsome and sensual slave, Bill. Laine finds similarities in her own life and Jannette's, and with Jannette's friendship, Laine travels down a path of self-discovery to give up on the life she dreamed of having, in order to have the life she was meant to live.

     The book begins with Laine's vision of a missing child. Laine has to make peace with her decision not to act on this knowledge, and it haunts her. Seeking atonement, she knows she has to use her new God-given abilities, but how? At the end of Laine's journey, she helps her mother through the end of her life and death. Life as she now knows it becomes reality, and she finds that she wouldn't have it any other way.

     Investigative Medium - the Awakening is first in the Investigative Medium series, a preface to future books about Laine's adventures with law enforcement, historians and archaeologists. Investigative Medium - the Awakening is a fast read and a comforting book for anyone who has lost a loved one. But, put on your seat belts; It's a thriller along the way!


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How to Cleanse Spirit Energy —#1 Amazon Bestseller

How to Cleanse Spirit Energy is a step by step guide to cleansing a home of unwanted spirits, negative energy, and residual energy or emotions. Whether a home is on the market to be sold, has a haunting, or needs a fresh feel, this book can help. From the author of Investigative Medium - the Awakening, Laine Crosby lends her expertise, but her folksy style and sense of humor make this tactical guide a quick and fun read.


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No structure in Perry County, PA is more significant than Clark's Ferry Tavern. In Colonial Days it was a thriving business, and if you wanted to travel from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, you had to ride by the Tavern and cross the Susquehannah River on the Tavern's ferry. You may spend the night at the Inn, or enjoy a meal and hop on a Conestoga wagon to your final destination. But you would never guess that there would be a serial killer in your midst, and you certainly wouldn't think Laine Crosby would visit 200 years later and unearth what happened. 

This book is a great read to learn more about Colonial America, architecture in the 1700s and 1800s, and psychic phenomena. Laine writes about visiting the Tavern, what she uncovered, and how she discovered its many secrets. Author Dennis Hocker researched to validate Laine's findings, and writes about their historical significance. 

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