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Readings and Appearances

I always enjoy meeting y'all so much, but I’m (still!) trying as hard as possible—with mixed results—to finish writing The Adventures of a Free Range Psychic Medium. I am traveling and writing a lot this year, and I hope to have finished my book by the late spring of 2022. Because I am focused on my writing, I am not currently doing readings. 

If you are interested in a reading, please contact me and I will put you on my waiting list. In the meantime, I highly recommend my friend, Shaman Maggie Atkinson. Her readings are different than mine in that she is a shaman who journeys to help you before meeting with you on zoom to tell you about her journey. To understand more about what she does, please see my show Believe, Episode 1, on my YouTube channel


Unfortunately, COVID has kept me from lecturing and doing in-person events. However, you can watch me tell stories hereand all of my books are available on Amazon.

I may have a Halloween investigation this year in Gettysburg on October 30, 2021, but I am waiting to hear what the CDC has to say, and the latest  guidance in Pennsylvania and Maryland.


Stay healthy and in good spirits!


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