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Reader Feedback

About Investigative Medium-–the Awakening:


Thank you to so many readers who wrote to tell me how you liked my book, and thank you for the pictures of where you read it. I see it has traveled from Alaska to Paris!  Where did you read my book? I would love to hear from you.  Contact Us. –Laine Crosby



Simply AWESOME! A MUST read! It was so compelling that I couldn't put it down, wanting to see what she was experiencing next. She made me laugh one minute and cry the next, with happiness and sadness all mixed up together. Everyday I would share a little bit of what I read because I felt like I needed too! I can't wait to read the next book! Thank You SO MUCH Laine, for sharing!




Investigative Medium - the Awakening is an intriguing and thought provoking account of a life transformed. Laine's talent in writing gives readers a front row seat into her remarkable gift of mediumship and treats one to a journey between past and present. A journey she never intended for herself or her family, but ultimately accepted as both a gift and a mission from God so that she may assist, enlighten, and comfort both the living and dead. The blending of Laine's life and the life of the slave girl, Jannette, is most intriguing, especially when one fully realizes that it was Jannette who literally relayed the story of her life to Laine - a story retold 150 years after Jannette's death. Throughout the book, there are a myriad of individuals and events that keep one thoroughly engaged - some frightening, some hilarious, and others that leave you scratching your head in wonderment. This book is a definite must read!



D.L. Broom

Having recently lost my father, Laine's book touched my heart in a very profound way. Investigative Medium is many books rolled into one and it accomplished it seamlessly! Part historical romance and modern day self discovery journey, Laine weaves her personal story with the spiritual world that exists around her. It is a book you will not want to put down so grab a glass of wine and settle in. You may want to grab a tissue, but it will be a life affirming, cleansing cry.




Laine is a talented and gifted writer/medium. This book is a journey of her finding a gift to share with the world. She does it with wit;"Did I move over 600 miles just to live in a slave cemetery and talk to dead people.","There are little green pills for that." She wasn't sure this what the plan after moving from Georgia. She's introduced to many spirits, One of being Janette. Janette was warm pleasant guide that laine found solace in. She even shares her life's journey when she faces her mom is moving to heaven, she shows grace and warmth. Her message to all is "love never ends." She has personally touched my life with love from beyond. She helped me reach my love and communicate with heart. She spent many times giving the men who passed in different battalion's in Gettysburg a voice. She has given the untold stories of people who were injured and layed ill, a special bond to those who come on those tours in Gettysburg.




This book is so clearly and honestly written. The writing is easy to follow and the stories pulled me right in. I read this book very quickly. which means it's well written Laine surely has a beautiful gift, as her story reveals, but Laine's gifts go beyond those she talks about in her book. She is a generous and humble woman who is willing to share her experiences in order to help others see hope when they feel hopeless, and to feel the love that's all around them. Read this book!

22 Aug, 2013



I enjoyed reading this book and recommend it highly. From the moment I started to read the book I couldn't stop reading and actually finished it in 2 nights. I was disappointed only by the fact that I finished it and there was no more to read. It was an emotional roller coaster ride for me, I found myself smiling, laughing out loud and also in tears at some parts. This is a special book and one that I think everyone should read. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.



This is one of the best books I have read! It is so easy to become absorbed in the stories being told. I could not put the book down and even bought the IPhone version so I could read it on the go. You are missing a great treat if you don't read this book.



Investigative Medium: The Awakening answers a lot of questions I've always wondered about mediums and clairvoyants-how it develops, how they feel, what they experience once they finally accept their abilities. I found Laine's recounting of these very experiences to be compelling and down-to-earth. She describes her situation with candidness and humor-that coupled with a parallel ghost story made for a unique and fascinating read!



I was moved by the stories of those who lived in Maryland during the Civil War, and by the author's anecdotes about her family! I related to her family, her fears, her love, and even her confusion, although I don't think that I have any psychic or medium abilities... The same day that I finished this book, a yellow butterfly crossed my path while I was driving, and then a friend posted a photo of a yellow butterfly on her Instagram account! I'm not sure what it means to me, but I feel as if it is a message of some kind that I do not yet understand... I am very much looking forward to reading more from this author!


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