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Chestnut Lodge



I had the pleasure of working with Investigative Reporter Stacey Cohan of Fox News last Tuesday. Stacey developed a story on Chestnut Lodge, which aired on Fox 5 News in the Washington,D.C. area on Friday, February 22, at 10:00 pm. Chestnut Lodge inRockville, Maryland, was first a hotel and then a mental hospital and dates back to 1886. Its doors closed in 2001, and it is now being developed as condominiums, priced over a million dollars each. A high price to pay for a very haunted home.


Stacey wondered if the building was haunted, and she called me to investigate. The developer refused to let me on the property, and I rather enjoyed the challenge since my strongest psychic ability is remote viewing. Even some of the work I do with historian, author and paranormal investigator Mark Nesbitt has been across the miles, and he writes about our work in his latest book,Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville: The Field Guide to Civil War Battlefields.


I remote viewed the property and drew pictures before I arrived, and I viewed more when I stood in the rain at a distance from the building. Not only was there a nurse and female patient who looked out of the window on the left front corner on the middle floor, but there were many other spirits inside. On the very top floor, there were 3 spirits in the middle of the building on the left. The building looked like it had been ransacked with large beams of wood falling down, and trash, plastic sheets and soda cans strewn about inside.I believe one of the spirits on the top floor was a male nurse or orderly and there was a suicide or murder. Either a person hung himself, jumped, or was thrown out a window, because I see a brief view of someone suspended in air, and this vision relates to his death.


In the basement, if you were to view the entire floor like the face of a clock, with 12:00 being in the far middle back, at about 2:00, there is a concentration of energy from extreme emotions. As I look back through time, I see a man who does not understand where he is or what is happening to him. He has wires attached to his head and he is sitting in a chair with a tall back. There are four people standing around him in white coats and two men who appear to be managing his care rather than helping. A young blonde woman comes down the stairs or out of the elevator- I can't see which is behind the open door. She screams hysterically and tries to get to the man in the tall chair that has no idea what is happening. A slightly plump man in his thirties, with dark hair, trips over an obstacle as he runs after her to stop her. I see him at the point where he grabs her and I assume her takes her back upstairs.


During the interview with Stacey, a spirit walked from the building out to talk to me. I had been told by my guides in meditation this morning that a spirit would approach me and want to follow me home. When I was leaving, I was supposed to tell him to find his mother, and then he would no longer follow me. The spirit told me he was trying to find his brother, who was inside, and he needed my help. He told me the name Mark Reichard, and I am unsure of the spelling. Mark Reichard was either his name or his brother's name, I do not remember which. The spirit told me that his brother was with a secretive government agency that was holding him at Chestnut Lodge, but that he wasn't mentally ill, and he needed to be saved. My impression was that his brother had been kept there years before because the government was trying to hide him for his own safety. The spirit told me that his brother looked like he could be from another country, and he spoke the language fluently, as if the other country had been his home. His brother had dark skin and dark hair, and he mentioned "Bay of Pigs" and "Cold War", although I could not understand exactly what country he was referencing. He implied that his brother had been a loyal spy and the government had turned against him and held him so he would not break and tell his secrets. The poor spirit was desperate for help, and I even used dowsing rods to confirm answers to some questions.


When it was time for me to leave, the spirit followed me to my car and I soon realized although he was of no great concern to me, that he was going to follow me home. I told him that he needed to return to his mother. We talked in the car and I told him he could not come home with me to my family because his mother needed him and he must now comfort her. He told me I was right, and he thanked me three times and left by passing through the passenger door.


Stacey tells me that it is rumored the CIA use to have people at Chestnut Lodge and may have held interrogations, I believe. Of course, this is denied by the CIA, but if they confirmed, they wouldn't be the CIA, would they?



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