L A I N E C R O S B Y 


                                                  is an Investigative Medium, award-winning writer, and New York Times Bestselling Author. Laine works with law enforcement, forensic scientists, detectives, missing persons networks, historians and archaeologists to find out what history has not revealed. 


Laine is author of the New York Times and #1 Amazon Bestseller, Investigative Medium––the Awakening, about her own true story of moving to a Maryland plantation  and awakening suddenly psychic—talking to the spirit of a slave buried in her yard. Laine is also author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller, How to Cleanse Spirit Energy.


You may have seen Laine on several shows on the Travel Channel, Bio, and FYI channels. She has been a guest on Good Day DC, and her work has been featured in Ancestry.com magazine, Psychology Today, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, and numerous other local and national papers, radio shows, news and local television segments. Her work has also been featured in Detective Lee Loflan's true crime anthology, and a number of books by authors including Historian Dr. Dennis Hocker, Forensic Scientist Dr. Katherine Ramsland, as well as Historian Mark Nesbitt’s last ten titles.

Watch Laine now on Ghost Brothers: Haunted Houseguests Season 1 Episode 4 on the Travel Channel.



Rosemary "Ro" was the ultimate guru in a variety of paranormal subjects, having researched and written 69 books. She was also a friend, mentor,  and great help to me. She will be greatly missed by all. —Laine


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After spending two years working to recover from a debilitating brain injury resulting from a car accident in 2017, Laine has begun working on her sequel to the Awakening,  Investigative Medium II: The Adventures of a Free-Range Psychic Medium. She is also developing a ghost tour in North Carolina and has begun consulting for tv production companies for national cable television shows about the paranormal. 

Be sure to read Laine's latest with Historian, Dr. Dennis Hocker, Secrets of Clarks Ferry Tavern.

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"Laine may be ordinary in some ways, but she tells an  extraordinary story."

-–The Washington Post


"Watching her gifts affect her family is its own intriguing  narrative."

-–Psychology Today

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